Presented By: Owen Cullen

Eve Online has a large and long-standing player community with a history of player gatherings. Owen will be giving a look into how you can build your own gaming community from the ground up with a focus on player events.

Starting an online gaming community can often seem daunting and expanding that into player meetups even more so. Owen will be giving some insights on how to turn an online gaming community into an offline event and run your own engaging, content-driven player events away from the keyboard!

Using his own personal experience from organising “Eve Dublin” player meetup, and some real-world event management Owen shall be covering a variety of areas that will help you get started on the road to successful events. Topics covered will include; getting the ball rolling, some do’s and don’ts, challenges and pitfalls you’ll face along the way, and maintaining interest over time. With the use of specific examples and some simple tips that will help you set up your own event that everyone can enjoy!

Time & location will be released soon with our event schedule.