€400 Maximum Prize Pool

Ireland’s top players will duel it out over two days for the right to proclaim themselves the RAID Hearthstone champions.

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Prize Pool

The prize pool is flexible, depending on a number of players participating in the tournament.

The minimum prize pool of €100 scales up to €400, depending on a number of players as described below.

16 Players

Prize Pool: €400

1st: €300 // 2nd: €100

12 Players

Prize Pool: €300

1st: €225 // 2nd: €75

8 Players

Prize Pool: €200

Winner Takes All

4 Players

Prize Pool: €100

Winner Takes All


The tournament will be Conquest with 1 Ban, each series will be Bo3. As a result, each player is required to submit 4 decks. Decklists should be submitted prior to the tournament at the event through the Admin Desk. The bracket will be double elimination unless the number of participants is so large that it is unfeasible.

Decklists will be publically visible, all players will be able to access their opponent’s decklists ahead of time.

Games will be played over the course of Friday and Saturday, the finals will be played live on stage on Saturday evening. Consolation and alternative format competitions with non-cash prizing may be organised also, further information will be communicated at the event.


As part of your BYOPC seat, you’ll need to bring:

  • Desktop / Laptop PC
  • Monitor (if you’re bringing a Desktop)
  • Mouse / Keyboard / Headset
  • Any other required peripherals

We advise all players to bring a mouse mat and pillows/cushions for their chairs – it’s gonna be a long couple of days!


Register your decklists prior to 12:00 pm (noon) on Saturday.  Each player must have a BYOPC Ticket. Buying your ticket is the only way to guarantee your place in the tournament.