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What’s better than a weekend at LAN, jam packed with tournaments for all your favourite games? At RAID 2018, running from March 30th to April 1st, we’ll be hosting tournaments with cash prizing for some of the big name esports titles like CS:GO, LoL and a few more that we’re not ready to reveal just yet!

Maybe you don’t want to get in the high stakes games with some of the best players in Ireland? That’s cool, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got plans for a bunch of mini-tournaments, all free to enter for BYOC ticket holders that are just for fun with small, non cash prizes.

To give you an idea, think Age of Empires, Unreal Tournament… More to be revealed soon!

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We’ve got a bunch of different option types available so you can cater your weekend to how best suits you. Popping by just for one day? Then the day pass is for you! If you’re coming for more than one day, then you want to pick up a weekend pass that’ll hook you up for all three days.

If you’re interested in joining the BYOC LAN, including tournament entry for any tournaments of your choice then you’ll need to pick yourselves up one of these! Keep in mind, a BYOC LAN ticket also includes full weekend access to the entire event, so you don’t need to double up!

Oh and if you’ve got any younglings that are 8 or under, they can come along for free so long as their parent is present with them at all times! Keep in mind that alcohol is served at RAID 2018.

Ballsbridge Hotel

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